Equipment Locator Service

Been looking for a piece of audio gear that you just can not find in the condition you want?  Wolfsong Audio can find and procure that unit for you.  We travel the entire country in search of the gear you want. 


Computer Audio Planning

Bring the new world of digital playback to your music system.  With the rapid advancements in music servers, DACs and software transfer methods the state of the art digital playback is finally approaching the potential that was promised 30 years ago.

Speaker Repair

Wolfsong Audio can restore your classic speakers to like new condition.  Replace the dry rotted surrounds on your drivers for like new performance.


Turntable restoration

Bring your vintage turntable back to life.  Wolfsong audio offers full on turntable restoration from a simple lubrication and alignment all the way to frame off rebuilds of Iconic players like Thorens TD 124s, Dual 1219s and more.

Repair and Services

Custom and Brand Names

Since we offer a full range or pre owned equipment in addition to our carefully chosen lines of new equipment

we are never limited to specific brands or model numbers.  We have sold equipment from almost all the major brands and can find you the piece or pieces you are looking for.

What We Offer

Wolfsong Audio was founded in 2008 by Mike Burns.  We specialize in 2 channel audio systems, equipment, turntable set up and calibration and in home system voicing.

We travel near and far to acquire audio equipment from the very basic to the bespoke.  Wolfsong Audio also offers consignment sales.

Over 30 years experience as a lover of music.

Over 20 years experience in audio retail.

Over 13 years experience as a stand alone business.

About Our Company