System Matching and Voicing

Every home audio system is a sum of all of the parts in it.  The equipment, the cables, the walls the floor, the ceiling, the windows , the furniture and the people who listen to it.  Superior experiences are what Wolfsong Audio is about.  Your own personal experiences with music are just that.  Experiences that you choose to have. 

      We have access to a nearly infinite number of music selections.  More than any people in the history of the world.  Think about  that.  We literally have more access to media content than any generation that has ever populated the planet.  What if when we choose to have a musical experience it was the most involving thing we could do at the time?  If the TV, the kids, the honey do list and the entirety of life take a back seat and when we chose this exact music to experience, that was all we were focused on because it was just so compelling we could not turn away?

     That kind of all encompassing musical experience is out there and a lot more achievable than you think.  Putting together an audio system can be a daunting task.  Hundreds of brands and thousands of models.  Digital vs. Analog, multi channel vs. stereo, tubes vs,. Solid state et al.  Do wires have a "sound", does your electricity "quality" matter, does the couch affect the bass?    Yes, yes and yes.

     Wolfsong Audio is not just a traditional "stereo store".  We have the experience and practical knowledge to save you from the endless "what abouts and what ifs" that come with choosing a system or the components in it.  With over 20 years of real world experiences with literally thousands of components in hundreds of systems we have the ability to provide expert advice and consultation that will allow you to have that all encompassing musical experience with your own system.

     We ONLY sell equipment we like.  We do not sell the ONLY equipment we like.  There are too many brands of really great audio out there to carry them all.  There are too many ways to make good sound to just pursue one path.  Wolfsong Audio believes there are many paths to excellent musical reproduction.   We can assist with just about all of those paths even if we do not sell the items on those paths directly. 

     Wolfsong Audio provides in home set up and calibration for existing systems, components and can fairly and professionally advise you on the steps to make your system sound better to you.  We can assess your current system and advise you how to get closer to the sound that will focus your attention front and center. 

    We have recently added a calibrated RTA measuring system to out tool kit.  Accurate and meaningful measurements of your system's performance in your room.  A gateway to better sound and more enjyment. Give us a call to talk about your sound and where you want to take it.