Just a note for your webpage.  This is a borderline world class level analog rig, and the least expensive setup I've had in my system in many years. This combo of the EAT C-Sharp table/arm and Soundsmith Paua MKII checks all the boxes. 

Thanks for outstanding service, support, and (as always) top cartridge setup.

Tom & Lyra

Mike and Becky,
It's S. here...well, hope y'all are doing well.  Now, it's been quite something; we've just started adjusting our speakers--Gary just toed them OUT a hair...I cannot even BEGIN to tell the HUGE difference.  Rich, lush, detail, clean, lively goose pump factor 10 out of 10...
Here's what we have discovered rather quickly, especially with classical: The Pharaoh (remains unnamed - working on it - open to suggestions)..will play what is recorded.  We've played 2 of the same pieces, different recordings, different orchestra, etc. Incredible difference, so, this wonderful piece of equipment does not mask what is recorded, it is what it is.  A bad recording - well, it pales in comparison to a well engineered recording.  (Believe it or not the older recording in the 60's is far superior to the newer recording)..

Vocals, are out of this world, already...incredible.  We have not even touched our rock collection yet...Loving that remote...We have yet to put the spikes on, and still one step at a time with speaker positioning which makes a HUGE difference.

It's been such a joy to have our home filled with music again.  The Pharaoh is quite something, incredible piece of equipment for the money - outrageously beautiful...Thanks again..

Blessings, joy, health and a world of music always, S and G.

A short note of thanks to Wolfsong Audio. I can not begin to express the respect that I have for this company. I have know Mike for over 17 years and over those years he has always been my go to  knowledge source for my audio equipment quest. In fact he  helped me with my first turntable purchase many years ago. Wolfsong Audio is my opinion is the perfect place to contact if you are just getting into the audio game; looking for a starter system or adding to your current system. They have some fantastic new product lines that I can't wait to take a listen.
Thanks again for all you do!
David F.

As a music lover and audiophile, I came to know Michael Burns of Wolfsong Audio over the last fifteen years or so. I quickly came to respect his knowledge and insight, and it didn't take long to realize that what truly sets Mike apart is his understanding, insight, thoughtfulness and true desire to connect with his customers and clients. Whether you are looking at ridiculously outrageous gear, trying to rescue or rebuild an old school system, or trying to help Adrienne find an odd connector, he treats you with respect, dignity and  genuine concern. Mike has always demonstrated the highest level of professionalism, and I have absolutely no reservations about giving him my highest endorsement. I have referred Mike to friends and family.
Jeff H.

You're the best I've ever found at what you do.  In a world full of snake oil salesmen, your unmatched ear and unwavering integrity have been invaluable to me. With your advice, I've never made a bad audio purchase (and I've made lots of them, as you know). Wolfsong will always have my highest recommendation. 

Jim W.

Wolfsong Audio is ushering in a new level of performance.  We welcome the Fink Team KIM speakers!  A music lovers speaker with audiophile performance.

Proper installation and calibration are essential to get the most information out of the grooves in a vinyl record.  Improperly set up cartridges are just dragging a rock through plastic.

Maximize the performance of the gear you already own.  The room and placement of your equipment are the final arbiter between average and state of the art performance from your system.

From the basic to the bespoke, Wolfsong Audio buys, sells and trades high fidelity audio equipment.  We deal in pre owned gear so we are not limited to a few brands.  Wolfsong can find that classic piece of gear you have always wanted.

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